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Nature Walk 154


  1. This is marvelous, Nic! I love the format, and how easy it is to hear and see the poems. I listened to them all at one sitting, and I like the ease of that, as offered here, and also how I can come back and listen to individual poems, or repeat in case of interruption or sheer delight!! (I repeated the Emma poem because I did not hear the father’s voice bellow her actual name, though it is there for the reading. Is that intentional?) It’s just wonderful visiting these trees, hearing their voices or the voices of those who know about them, all in your voice!

    • Thanks, Kathleen — so great to get your feedback!! Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I’m still working on Emma’s dad — I found it impossible to dramatize a ‘bellow’ in anything like an acceptable way, so I think I may just have to make it a stylized bellow and leave the rest to the reader’s imagination. Thanks again!

  2. Excellent, excellent(!) work, Nic. Regarding the omission of the father calling Emma’s name….I actually found the difference to be quite interesting. But then, I doubt that will surprise you. ;)

    Keep up the great work…and I love the audio chapbook idea!

    • Thanks, David! No, not at all surprised you like the difference between the text and the sound versions – heh. Thanks for stopping by and listening!

  3. What a marvelous world you have created here and what a pleasure to have these poems gathered and spoken in your voice.

  4. fantastic idea – audio has so much to offer as a way forward for digital poetry, especially in light of page/layout issues with poetry and the e-book format.

    Have you given any thought to making the audio downloadable so that people can carry the chapbook with them on their phones/ipods &c?

    • Thanks for the idea! I just worked out how to do it for Handmade Boats, the latest audio chapbook published by Whale Sound. The main page now has a link where you can download the whole chapbook as an MP3 file, as well as a PDF download link.

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